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Top IDM Product Features


As promised in our last series of articles about selecting an access management product, this week we begin a countdown of the top 15 features we look for when evaluating a pure identity management product. Please contact us on with any questions or comments that you may have related to the features selected and the order that we put them in.

Starting with number 15 and ascending in order, here are the first five entries:


15. Identity Governance

Any modern identity management platform should have the ability to support identity governance and administration (IGA) requirements. These systems rely on identity enrichment data to ensure that identity oversight activities are successfully executed via workflow. IGA systems will leverage the metadata associated with downstream endpoint connector user accounts to facilitate user compliance reporting.


14. Broad Authentication Support

The tool should not limit the authentication types that can be used to secure the interface or the services. Additionally, the tool should be able to interface with ensuing two-factor and multifactor platforms/services during the provisioning process.


13. One-Time Password (OTP)/Passwordless Authentication

OTP and passwordless authentication functionality are critical for large consumer facing deployments. These features reduce the burden on customer support and provide a secure authentication mechanism for users who do not use the system regularly.


12. Broad User Store Support

Support for various types of user stores (SQL, LDAP, AD, etc.) is commonplace, but it should not be overlooked as some products limit which stores can be used as the primary repository (in certain deployment models). Ensure that the product that you select can accommodate your deployed user stores in the way that you intend to use them.


11. Bulk Load Functionality

The ability to bulk load or bulk modify identities is a powerful feature which allows for large groups of users to be updated without relying on custom scripts.  This feature is often neglected as many organizations believe it will be only used once, but it is used more often than expected.

As always, we hope that you have found this information useful. If you need IAM assistance, reach out to SIS today and we would be happy to assist you. And subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about the posting of future articles and other SIS news.



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