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Top IDM Product Features Part 2


In this article, we continue our countdown of the top 15 features that we look for when evaluating a pure identity management product. Please contact us on with any questions or comments that you may have related to the features selected and the order that we put them in.

Starting with number 10 and ascending in order, here are the next five entries:

10. Data Validation

Data validation is critical to preserving the integrity of the user data. To that end, the platform must be able support input data validation as data is provided by the users. Additionally, the system must support external data validation to ensure the provided data can be verified by downstream systems.

9. Customizable User Interface (with Mobile Support)

Enterprise identity management systems must be able to support user interface customizations. This ensures that the platform can conform to the standards of the organization, as well as any accessibility standards required.  Mobile device support ensures that the interface is easy to use on smaller screens, resulting in an improved mobile user experience.

8. Messaging Support

Identity management platforms must be able to support self-service functionality such as password reset and user registration. As a result, the identity management platform needs to be able to communicate with users via email or SMS messages. Additionally, the platform should be able to consume incoming SOAP/REST messages to facilitate common identity tasks.

7. Custom Code (Web service task calls)

The ability to extend the functionality of the platform through a web service interface is essential to fully integrating the tool into the enterprise. The tool must also support the ability to leverage custom code to extend identity policies, data validation rules, custom connectors, and workflow processes.

6. Delegated Administration

Delegated administration allows an organization to delegate identity management tasks to reduce the burden of their technical staff. Business users are empowered to quickly address their own issues without involving the IdM staff.

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