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SiteMinder: Strength and Flexibility

Symantec SiteMinder has been the leader in securing web resources for nearly 20 years. SiteMinder is trusted by governments, banks, insurance companies, and media companies around the world to secure their web presence. Over the past decade and half, SiteMinder has been continuously enhanced to meet emerging security challenges and application demands. SiteMinder boasts a host of features that provide robust security and deployment flexibility.

SiteMinder Runs Everywhere

SiteMinder can be deployed in the enterprise, in the cloud, or in a container. No other enterprise security platform allows for this type of flexibility. Customers can extend their on premise deployments to the cloud without sacrificing the rich feature set that accompanies the SiteMinder platform, such as robust performance, deep application integration, and comprehensive auditing. Here is a fun fact! SiteMinder can be deployed to auto-scale i.e. scale up and down to meet the demands.

SiteMinder Does More

Experienced SiteMinder users are aware of web agents, federation support, and web service integrations, but many SiteMinder owners are unaware of the other features that are built into the currently supported versions. The following is a small sample of the features available:

  • OpenID Connect Support
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Cookieless Authentication
  • AWS Cognito Support
  • JWT Authentication
  • Containerization Support
  • Web Agentless Protection
  • Azure SSO
  • Google SSO

SIS Can Help

We can help implement the latest features to help secure your enterprise, regardless of where the applications reside. If you need assistance getting the most out of your investment, contact SIS.


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