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SiteMinder Continuous Monitoring

Use Synthetic Transactions to Identify problems before they impact the customer experience.

Using SNMP to collect SiteMinder metrics is useful, but is not enough to properly identify potential problems. Collecting and storing the metrics for the SiteMinder infrastructure is valuable, but the team responsible for SiteMinder management needs to understand how the entire infrastructure is performing including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Web Servers
  • Databases (User Store)
  • LDAP (User Store)
  • Web Application Server
  • HTTPS Connection Response
  • Web Page Rendering Response
  • Web Services
  • Federation

SIS collects hundreds of thousands data points each day for a single customer which allows us to predict problems before they impact users and take corrective action. Our IMaaS and IIaaS solution offerings combine SNMP collection with end to end Synthetic transactions to provide the most comprehensive solution available for managing enterprise security platforms.

Contact us today if you would like to gain operational visibility into your SiteMinder infrastructure.


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