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Regardless of the challenges that your enterprise is currently facing, SIS has several subscription offerings that will help your enterprise improve its security posture, protect the investment in its enterprise security software, and help mitigate the associated risk.

IAM Solution Assessments

  • Detailed solution analysis
  • Evaluation of solution maturity
  • Industry best practice evaluation
  • Solution roadmap guidance

IAM Infrastructure As A Service (IIAAS)

  • 24×7 managed geo-diverse solution hosting
  • Subscription service model
  • Single tenant solution deployment
  • Bring your own license with you
  • Multi-environment deployments
  • Dynamic scaling

IAM Management As A Service (IMAAS)

  • Performance management and reporting
  • Daily/weekly/monthly solution metrics
  • See what the users are seeing before a problem arises
  • Regular product upgrades

Premium Support Service

  • IAM security expertise
  • Subscription service
  • On-demand architecture guidance
  • On-demand solution assistance
  • Integration prototypes
  • Performance enhancement assistance

Hybrid Cloud SSO / User Provisioning Solutions

  • Single tenant solution deployments
  • Subscription service model
  • Rapid deployments integrated with the enterprise
  • Geo-diverse solution deployment
  • Highly available / high capacity solution
  • Secure integration
    • SSO: SAML/WSFED/OAuth/OpenID Connect
    • Cloud: AWS/Azure/Google
    • Software as a Service: Office365/AWS Cognito/Salesforce


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