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Better Audits & Troubleshooting

Make Troubleshooting easier and increase auditing precision through object naming.

Many implementations lack a comprehensive naming strategy for the SiteMinder objects. A well thought out naming strategy for the SiteMinder objects. The right naming strategy will make troubleshooting easier and provide more precise log information that can be used in audit and governance activities.

For example, many implementations will leverage a single agent name for a site served by multiple web servers. Using a single web agent name facilitates easier deployment but doesn’t provide the granularity needed for the demands of a comprehensive auditing process. Uniquely naming each agent via the “allow local config” web agent configuration option provides the detail necessary, while only slightly increasing the administrative burden. This naming strategy will greatly increase the speed of troubleshooting issues related to intermittent user authentication/authorization problems.

Using a well thought out object naming strategy makes policy management and troubleshooting easier. Many deployments leveraging the same name for allow rules across realms. This is simple but it does not provide the ability to quickly single out a problematic rule when viewing logs in real-time. This detail is extremely useful when identifying which rules are impacting users. This detailed naming approach increases the value of user access reports and provides marketing departments with a level of interaction that would not be available with standard deployments.

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