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Premium Support Service

What is Premium Support ?

  • IAM security expertise
  • Subscription service
  • On-demand architecture guidance
  • On-demand solution assistance
  • Integration prototypes
  • Performance enhancement assistance

Why clients use SIS’ Premium Support?

  • No dedicated IAM staff
    • Staff is responsible for supporting other systems (in addition to the IAM Infrastructure).
    • Staff does not have time to refine and enhance the solution due to other priorities.
    • Staff is not able to address the performance challenges and develop solutions to address them.
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
    • Staff is responsible for rapidly integrating the SSO Infrastructure with external service providers; such as Salesforce, Office 365, and ServiceNow.
    • Emerging business requirements necessitate leveraging the internally deployed systems in conjunction with cloud based applications and services. These hybrid cloud solutions will require an IAM solution to be integrated with AWS, Azure, Google, or etc.
  • Seamless Identity Governance through to the cloud
    • Properly integrated IAM solutions can organizations achieve end to end Identity Governance for connected cloud platforms.

What can SIS do to help you overcome these challenges

  • On Demand subject matter expertise that is solely focused on IAM solutions
  • Supplement existing staff with Architecture, Cloud Integration, and upgrade assistance.
  • Best practice and performance enhancement guidance.


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