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Prior to the Broadcom acquisition, Secure Identity Solutions, Inc was a CA Enterprise Solution Provider (ESP) and we are currently working on regaining that title. ESPs are authorized by CA to sell and support CA Enterprise solutions. We have a national in reach and provide sales and implementation of complex, custom integrated solutions to organizations with 1,000+ employees or 100,000+ customers. We are authorized to sell and support CA’s Security Management products.

SIS is excited to have started partnering with Okta in 2019. With a rapidly expanding and loyal customer base, Okta has asserted itself as a key player in the IAM space and SIS looks forward to offering our customers Okta solutions as an option for their enterprise identity and access needs.

Starting in early 2020, SIS has partnered with Auth0 to provide IAM solutions for our customers. Auth0’s identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) platform helps customers achieve a significant ROI by reducing the friction associated with traditional identity management projects. Auth0’s customers are able to reduce identity related costs while accelerating customer facing application releases. Auth0 has demonstrated the ability to increase developer and end user satisfaction while providing substantial value for its customers. SIS believes that Auth0’s approach to IDaaS is closely aligned with its own process driven, identity-centric methodology and are happy to have Auth0 as a partner.


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