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IMaaS Solution


  • Nationwide Dental and Vision Insurance Provider
  • 27M Users
  • 5K Employees


  • Customer lacked the resources required to manage and enhance their IAM Infrastructure
  • The customer didn’t have the tools needed to monitor the solution
  • Solution had to support multiple lines of business across multiple cloud providers and end user domains
  • Solution must support a hybrid deployment model
  • Customer is using acquisitions to accelerate growth and market penetration
  • Userbase will reach 50M users within 7 years
  • Customer wanted to maintain control of all user identities

SIS Solution

The customer had invested a significant amount in the acquisition and deployment of the CA Enterprise Security suite.  SIS presented its Identity and Access Management as a Service (IMaaS) as the solution to meet the current and emerging requirements.  Unlike IDaaS, IMaaS allows all of the customer’s identities to be housed within the corporate infrastructure.

  • IMaaS is similar to an IDaaS, but it is housed within the corporate infrastructure
  • IMaaS is based on SIS’s proprietary processes and industry best practices
  • Continuous monitoring through synthetic transactions

Customer Outcome

  • This approach did not require any changes to their applications
  • The customer leveraged their investment in their enterprise security software
  • The customer has real-time access to authentication and authorization data
  • Over 100K metrics spanning 75 different categories are collected and evaluated each day
  • Supporting infrastructure is no longer managed by the customer:
    • Web Servers
    • Applications Servers
    • Policy Decision / Enforcement points
    • User Repositories
    • Access Gateways


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