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IIaaS Solution


  • Regional Insurance Provider
  • 7M Users
  • 500 Employees


  • Customer lacked the resources required to manage and enhance their IAM Infrastructure
  • The solution was in place for six years, but had never been patched
  • Customer did not have server administrators to manage the underlying operating system and components
  • The non-production and production environments were dissimilar;  changes could not be promoted from test to production easily
  • Customer didn’t have geographically dispersed data centers

SIS Solution

The customer did not want to lease access to an IDaaS and discard the investment in their enterprise security platform. SIS presented its Identity and Access Management Infrastructure as a Service (IIaaS) as the solution to meet their requirements.

  • IIaaS is managed and hosted in a dedicated POD for each client
  • IIaaS PODS are private and don’t expose services publicly
  • IIaaS PODS support standard business operations and Disaster Recovery capabilities simultaneously
  • IIaaS is based on SIS’s proprietary processes and industry best practices

Customer Outcome

  • This approach did not require any changes to their applications
  • The customer did not discard their investment in their enterprise security software
  • No more product upgrades
  • Customer has identical non-prod and prod environments to facilitate faster deployments
  • The burden of patching operating systems and applications have been removed from the enterprise
  • The IIaaS solution is deployed across geo-diverse data centers
  • The IIaaS solution can dynamically scale to support the user growth without additional expenses and customer intervention
  • IIaaS supports on premise and cloud-based applications


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