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IAM Solution Assessments

What is a Solution Assessment?

  • Detailed solution analysis
  • Evaluation of solution maturity
  • Industry best practice evaluation
  • Solution road map guidance

Questions it can answer

  • The corporate sponsor wants to know if their implementation has followed industry and product best practices.
  • The team responsible for the management of the IAM infrastructure wants environment specific recommendations to improve performance and reduce operational burdens.
  • The security operations team wants to know how things could be done better and what areas provide the best opportunities to enhance the services the solution provides.


  • One week solution assessment
    • Gather Configurations
    • Architecture Review
    • Examine log data
    • Review Support Cases
    • Interview Key Stakeholders
  • Written summary detailing the findings and associated recommendations.
    • Summary of solution maturity
    • Integration Approach
    • Industry best practice evaluation
    • Product best practice evaluations
  • Presentation to key stakeholders


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