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IAM Management As A Service

What is IMAAS?

  • Performance management and reporting
  • Daily/weekly/monthly solution metrics
  • See what the users are seeing before a problem arises
  • Regular product upgrades

Do you have the visibility and resources to manage it?

  • Solution lacks the tools to monitor availability, performance, and user load in real-time.
    • How many Authentications per hour, per day, per application?
    • What is the average time per authentication at 10 am, noon, and 3:45 pm?
    • How many users are currently logged on to X application?
  • The staff does not have the processes and support tools to quickly identify problems within in the infrastructure.
    • Where is the problem? Web Server, User Store, Policy Server, Network or Application
  • The staff does not have time to perform regular product updates and upgrades to ensure the solution has the latest patches
  • The infrastructure lacks the proper documentation or institutional knowledge which results in increased operational burden.

What can SIS do to help to overcome these challenges?

SIS leverages industry best practices combined established IT management processes to support the mission of the executive management team.  Efficient and practical security strategies allow organizations to mitigate risk, provide mechanisms for cost avoidance, and protect shareholder equity through the facilitation of compliance requirements.

Our managed solution service will help ensure our customer’s security infrastructures are always available by leveraging synthetic transactions and component monitoring. This approach is essential to ensuring availability and providing the organization the real time visibility in support of realizing its return on investment for its security platform. This approach provides our customer’s with the information needed to scale and extend the infrastructure.


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