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IAM Infrastructure As A Service

What is IIAAS

  • 24×7 managed geo-diverse solution hosting
  • Subscription service model
  • Single tenant solution deployment
  • Bring your own license with you
  • Multi-environment deployments
  • Dynamic scaling

Customer Challenges

  • The solution requires 24X7 management
  • The solution cannot dynamically scale to meet the demands of the consuming applications while managing properly managing the associated expense.
  • The infrastructure lacks a Geo-diverse presence that would ensure application users are provided with the best available Identity Life Cycle services within in the enterprise and though the cloud.
  • The business requires a solution that provides a hub for a portfolio of authentication models for traditional web sites and portals as well as web service models regardless of where they are deployed.

What can SIS do to help to overcome these challenges?

The demands of a digital driven economy require that organizations implement Enterprise Security Solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of the business, its shareholders and customers. These Enterprise Security Solutions must be monitored, managed and refreshed; the care and feeding of these solutions require trained and experienced technology professionals.  Enterprises often recruit resources that are charged with supporting non-security platforms to justify the investment. These arrangements often result in solutions that are not properly maintained or monitored.  Our trained security professionals leverage a suite of automation tools and leading cloud providers to ensure our customers extended or connected security service platforms are properly monitored and managed.

Through our subscription based services, customers are able to leverage their existing product licenses which eliminates the need to pay for additional redundant products. SIS offers dedicated service platforms for customers through its partnerships with Microsoft Azure and AWS; these dedicated platforms are based on our proprietary solution delivery system which ensures our customers meet and exceed their security goals. This offering allows customers to compress their deployment timeline without compromising security.


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