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Hybrid IAM Solutions

What Is a Hybrid IAM Solution?

This offering was designed to accelerate the implementation of complex IAM integrations, reducing the deployment time from months to days. We can extend IAM implementations rapidly with dedicated PODs. This solution is ideal for customers looking to rapidly leverage their on premise IAM infrastructure with a cloud service or SaaS provider with minimal changes to their existing infrastructure. These solutions allow customers to implement the latest product features and avoid the typical upgrade challenges.

Solution Highlights

  • Single tenant solution deployments
  • Subscription service model
  • Rapid deployments integrated with the enterprise
  • Geo-diverse solution deployment
  • Highly available / high capacity solution
  • Secure Integration
    • SSO: SAML/WSFED/OAuth/OpenID Connect
    • Cloud: AWS/Azure/Google
    • Software as a Service: Office365/AWS Cognito/Salesforce

No server builds, no software installations and no patches. Connect, Integrate, and Deploy in days, not months.

If you are ready to deploy today, call SIS.


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