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Financial Solution Assessment


  • Fortune 10 Financial Services Firm
  • 85M Users
  • 200 Federation Partnerships
  • 25M Mobile Users
  • 12M Unique Authentications per day
  • 232M Authorizations per day


  • 23 unique environments
    • Development (9)
    • Integrated System Testing (8)
    • Quality Assurance (4)
    • Performance (1)
    • Production (1)
  • Production and non-production environments were out of synchronization
  • There was no uniformity between production servers
  • Solution patching could take several weeks or months to be promoted to production.
  • There were no processes or procedures in place to manage and maintain the solution
  • Solution leveraged custom developed components to extend CA SiteMinder functionality
  • Global dispersed staff.

SIS Solution

The customer needed process and procedures that were based on industry standards and vendor best practices.   SIS recommended an IAM solution assessment to identify areas of interest, make recommendations, develop a solution roadmap, and assist in the prioritization of known deficiencies. SIS worked with the organization’s subject matter experts to collect the technical information and interviewed solution stakeholders.

  • Architecture Review
  • Vendor Support Case Audit
  • Collect Platform Configurations
  • Identity Life Cycle Process and Procedure Review

Customer Outcome:

  • A detailed document outlining the process and procedures to automate the deployment of the solution across all environments
  • Developed the process to automate the archiving of all policy changes for enterprise disaster recovery initiatives.
  • Developed the processes to implement a zero-downtime patching process which allowed for 24×7 availability
  • A detailed Gap Analysis which outlined the areas where the solution was not aligned with industry or vendor best practices.
  • Solution performance tuning guide.


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