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About SIS

At SIS, we provide customers with a flexible service model to accommodate their demanding security needs. In conjunction, we leverage our world-class, identity-centric cybersecurity expertise to ensure our customers achieve their goals. Fully instrumented, remotely managed service platforms for on-premise or cloud implementations are deployed, which provide customers with 24×7 coverage for existing deployments. Additionally, we offer a dedicated private platform which ensures licensing investments in enterprise security tools are protected. These offerings also provide complete end-to-end visibility for all secured services and component level performance metrics (as well as end-to-end metrics for the entire authentication and authorization flow). With complete operational and situational visibility, we are able to respond to issues before your customers are impacted.

Customers who opt for a “Bring Your Own License” (BYOL) hosted service will benefit from the flexible features of a public cloud, in addition to the security and performance of a dedicated data center. Features such as no-cost product upgrades, multiple deployment environments, and dynamic scaling are just a few features that are available. The goal of these solutions is to allow your organization to mitigate identity-centric risks, while providing a highly available infrastructure to quickly meet the most demanding requirements. Finally, the only path to your identity infrastructure should be through trusted connections managed within the enterprise – not through the public cloud – and our systems adhere to that best practice.

Regardless of the challenges that your enterprise is currently facing, SIS has several subscription offerings that will help your enterprise improve its security posture, protect the investment in its enterprise security software, and help mitigate the associated risk.


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