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IAM Solution Assessments

Detailed solution analysis and recommendations

IAM Infrastructure As A Service

24×7 managed, geo-diverse solution hosting

IAM Management As A Service

Solution performance management and reporting

Premium Support Service

IAM security expertise

Hybrid Cloud SSO / User Provisioning Solutions

Rapid deployments integrated with the enterprise

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

We provide customers with a flexible service model to accommodate their demanding security needs. In conjunction, we leverage our world-class, identity-centric cybersecurity expertise to ensure our customers achieve their goals.

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SIS in an industry leading provider of IAM assessment, monitoring, hosting, and management.

Over the past 13 years, SIS has provided IAM solutions for just about every industry that uses internal or external websites.

SIS operates as a trusted partner for its clients. We earn the trust of our clients and work diligently to ensure their success.

SIS Customer Solutions

We provide customers with a flexible service model to accommodate their demanding security needs.

Financial Solution Assessment


Financial Solution Assessment

A solution assessment from SIS saved one customer money and lots of headaches

IIaaS Solution


IIaaS Solution

A client lowered their cost and increased their efficiency by having SIS manage both their IAM infrastructure and their IAM operations

IMaaS Solution


IMaaS Solution

Customer maintained their infrastructure and turned the management over to SIS

10 M+
Identities protected each month
Synthetic Transactions per client per day
Self-service password changes per day
225 ms
Average client login time

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This week we have a post about troubleshooting a web agent that is ‘unable to resolve agent name’. As always, we present the reported issue, what we found during troubleshooting, and how the problem was remedied.


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